If you see an orange indicator dot next to the lightning icon on your board, this means that your WaffleBot installation is out of date and is not working properly.

To get your WaffleBot installation back up to date, follow the instructions below:

  1. Click the lightning icon

2. Click the Uninstall & Reinstall WaffleBot button

3. Click the Configure button in GitHub

4. Click the Uninstall button

5. Go back to your Waffle board, refresh the browser and click the lightning icon again and click the green Install WaffleBot button.

6. Click the Install button in GitHub.

7.  Select "all repositories" then click Install.

8. Look for the banner at the top of the page, confirming WaffleBot is installed.

9. Head back to your Waffle board and refresh the browser. Once you've done this, the lightning bolt should no longer appear in the sidebar. 

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