The goal of the throughput graph is to help your team become predictable over time. If you estimate your work, you’ll see over time your team become better at determining how much they can get done week by week.

The throughput graph shows you how much work your team completed within a given timeframe. You can choose to view closed issues over days, weeks, months or years. If your team is estimating work, you can choose to see how many points you completed instead of how many issues were closed.

In the example above, we have started our metrics on September 25th, 2016 and set the group size to 1 week so we can see how much work was completed from one week to the next. At the top of the graph, you can choose the start date, group size and what to filter by (if anything) when viewing completed work. Don't forget to click "Go!" after you've made any changes. You can also choose to view completed work by how many issues were closed, size, PRs only, PRs & Issue or Issues only by selecting the purple boxes.

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