There are 3 different states WaffleBot can be in on your board. It can either be installed, not installed, or installed but out of date. Here's how you can determine which applies to your account:

  1. WaffleBot is installed and doesn't require an update:

You will not see the lightning icon in the sidebar.

If you want to configure your WaffleBot installation, you can expand the gray sidebar (click the small arrow above your avatar) then go to Project Settings and click on Wafflebot. 

2. WaffleBot is not installed:

You'll see the lightning icon on the sidebar without an orange indicator dot next to it. If you see this, click the link below for instructions on how to install WaffleBot. 

How to install Wafflebot

3. WaffleBot is installed, but is out of date. You'll need to uninstall and reinstall WaffleBot for it to work properly.

You can see that there's an orange notification dot next lightning icon indicating that WaffleBot needs to be updated. If you see this indicator, click the link below for instructions on how to uninstall and reinstall WaffleBot.

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