In other words: WaffleBot moves issues and pull requests across your Waffle board, automatically assigns you, and keeps everything up to date in real-time.

WaffleBot is similar to Waffle's original auto-work tracking - both automatically move issues across the Waffle board for you based on your GitHub activity.  However, WaffleBot shows automation actions as WaffleBot taking actions (wafflebot moved #2) while auto-work tracking shows automation actions as the person who setup the Waffle board (which can be confusing).  We recommend using WaffleBot unless you're using Waffle Takeout, which currently only supports our original auto-work tracking. 

Regular auto-work tracking shown above

Auto-work tracking using WaffleBot shown above

For more information about how to automate your status updates using WaffleBot, check out:

Also, check out the Waffle Automation Cheatsheet for a complete list of WaffleBot's automation commands.

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