Are you brand new to Waffle? If so, this is the place to be!

Welcome to Waffle! 🎉 This guide will start you off with the basics of (Waffle), the simple and smart project management for GitHub.

Signup at

Navigate to and click "Sign Up" or "Get Started".

Choose whether you want to use Waffle for a public or private GitHub repositories. If you create a board for a private repo, we'll automatically start you on a 14 day trial of Waffle. (All public repos are free to use in Waffle.) To read more about the permissions we need and why, see our documentation.

View projects you're already a part of or create a new one

Waffle is organized by projects.  Each project has a Waffle board where you and your team can organize your work.

View existing projects:

New Waffle users will be added to all of the projects they have access to, and new Waffle projects will automatically show up for all Waffle users who have access to them.

Create a new project:

Click "Create Project" to create a new Waffle board or add a new repo in GitHub.

Next, select which account you'd like to create a board from using the drop down menu on the left. 

Once you see the repository you want to transform into a Waffle board, click on the title then click Continue.  You add more than one repository during set-up or come back and add multiple repositories later.

  • The project will be created and all of your open issues and pull requests will be imported

Choose your Waffle board layout

The last step before creating your Waffle board is selecting which column configuration you'd like to use. 

Select the layout that suits your team best and then click Create Project. If your team uses Pull Requests and code review, we suggest selecting Advanced.  You can always change your board layout at anytime (described below). 

Customize your Waffle board

Want to add a column to your Waffle board or configure the way WaffleBot automatically updates your team's work? Open the sidebar on left (click the small arrow above your avatar) then click Project Settings then Columns. 

(Advanced set up shown above)

Add more repos!:

Share what you're working on with others and invite your team

To add a Waffle badge, go to Settings > General and put the code snippet in your README in GitHub.  Invite your team from Invite / Share.  You can event Tweet a link to your public board if you want to share your workflow with others. 😀

Install WaffleBot

Start automating your status updates so you Waffle board is always automatically up to date! Once you've installed WaffleBot, learn the basics of how to use WaffleBot or check out the Waffle Automation Cheatsheet for a complete reference of automation commands.

Keep Learning!

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