We move an issue into "In Progress" (default Work Started column) if you put the issue number at the beginning of the branch name with a '-' or '_' behind it.

Here are some example branch names:

  • 123-fix-bug
  • 123_fix_bug

The issue will also be moved to "In Progress" if the issue number is anywhere in the branch name with a '#' in front of it.

Here are additional branch name examples:

  • bug_#123_fix
  • bug-fix#123
  • bug#123-fix

If you'd like to add additional information to the branch, you can do so by adding it to the end of the branch name. Just separate the repo path and issue number with a "-", or "_", followed by the wording of your choice.

You can also reference an issue in an outside repository by using a cross repository reference. Example of a cross repository issue reference:

  • username/repo#123-bug-fix

In order for a cross repo reference to be picked up, you'll need to have both repos on the same multiple repo board. (More info on multi repo boards here)

Note to Gitflow Users

Since we recognize username/repo#123 as a cross repository reference for moving issues "in progress," a special workaround must be used for teams using slashes as part of their branch naming convention (ie: feature/feature-name)

  • Start the feature name (i.e., immediately after the feature/ prefix) with a "#", followed by the issue number and a dash or underscore. (Allows you to still use the recommended Gitflow branch naming conventions.)
  • feature/#123-feature-name

Depending on your shell, you might need to quote the "#" on the command line, e.g. git flow feature start  '#123-feature-name'.

Note: the following example will NOT work:

  • feature/featurename#123 (In this case, we'll recognize feature/featurename as the repo path, and the issue will not move "in progress" as expected.)

There are two other options available:

1. Use all dashes instead of slashes

  • feature-feature-name#123

2. Start branch name with issue number followed by a dash. (be careful not to include a "#")

  • 123-feature/feature-name

You can also move issues into In Progress using pull requests.

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