Please use the following instructions for restoring your Waffle Takeout instance:

Refer to the Replicated documentation for restoring your Replicated instance -

Once the Replicated restore was successful ensure the application has started. On the home page of the admin console, ensure the application has been started.

At this point, if you were to log into waffle, you'd have a blank canvas. Next we'll need to restore the mongo database. In order to do this, complete the following steps

SSH into the host

Exec into the mongo container:

sudo docker exec -it waffleio-mongo /bin/bash

In the container, you will need to connect to the database using the mongo shell.


In the mongo shell, you will need to drop the waffle-takeout database.

use waffle-takeout
exit # exit mongo shell
exit # exit takeout-mongo container

This deletes the empty database created for you when first starting a new Waffle Takeout instance. We would now like to restore your existing Waffle data that was backed up as part of the Replicated snapshot.

On the host machine, we can run the following command to restore your existing Waffle data:

replicated admin restore-mongodb

Once that completes, you will be able to access Waffle Takeout and see your existing data.

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