Sometimes you may want to connect a Pull Request (PR) and an existing GitHub issue, but do not want that issue automatically closed when merging the PR to your default branch. In this case, you can use Waffle’s “Connect” keywords.

Waffle will connect your PR to a referenced GitHub Issue that has the following keywords in front of the issue number reference:

  • connect to
  • connects to
  • connected to
  • connect
  • connects
  • connected

If you use the “Connect” keywords, Waffle will move the referenced issue and it’s connected PR to your “Work Started" column (see which column on your board is assigned as "Work Started" in Project Settings>Columns). Instead of the PR appearing as a separate card on your board, the PR will be nested beneath, or "connected to" the referenced GitHub Issue.

Waffle will also assign the referenced issue to the pull request creator automatically.

Example: If your Pull Request description for PR#71 was "This work connects to #67", this would result in PR#71 being visually connected underneath issue #67. The connected Issue + PR would move, as a single unit, to your "Work started" column and you would be assigned to the creator of the pull request.

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