1. Check our Release Notes
  2. Upgrade the Replicated Agent
  3. Upgrade Waffle

Check our Release Notes 

We publish general information regarding our releases and any special actions that might need to be taken.  Hit either of the following pending the version of waffle you are running:

Upgrade the Replicated Agent

(What is replicated? Refer here to answer that question.)

Update the Replicated agent on the host machine before upgrading the Waffle Takeout application. You can update all Replicated component versions by re-running the installation script.:

$ curl -sSL https://takeout.waffle.io/get | sudo bash

(If you are running a replicated version less that 2, you'll receive an error, see below for details on this.)

Upgrade Waffle

You can check for new app releases by going to the management interface dashboard https://waffle.company.com:8800 and clicking on the 'Check Now' button. If an update is available you will be able to read the release notes and install the update.

Special Instructions for Specific Versions

Upgrading from any version below 2.3.0 to 2.3.0+

Release Pinning

There are times which we pin specific versions, for example, between 2.3.0 and latest, one MUST upgrade to 2.4.0. This is simply to ensure a process required during the upgrade is run. After that pinned version is running, you’ll be able to upgrade to either the next pinned release, or latest, whichever is next.

Need additional help?

If you need any additional help you can also refer to the replicated service documentation and/or freely contact us at takeout@waffle.io.

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