Airgap Installation

If you need an airgap installation, please contact us at so we can provide you with a download link and instructions for getting a Waffle Takeout .airgap package.

For installations who don't have easy access to the internet, you can install Waffle Takeout using the following steps. These installations are "airgapped" meaning that they "do not have inbound or outbound internet traffic at all". Waffle Takeout supports this using Replicated's airgap feature.

Note: You will need to provision a host machine as, but with at least 64G of space.

1. Follow the Replicated Airgap install docs. You will need to up the default base device size for Docker to 20G. You can do so by adding the following to /etc/docker/default.

DOCKER_OPTS="--storage-opt dm.basesize=20G"

Once that change is made, restart the docker daemon (Ubuntu/Debian):

sudo service docker stop
sudo rm -rf /var/lib/docker
sudo service docker start

2. The Airgap package is what is downloaded from the Airgap link we provide you. You can shift-click in your browser to download the file or you can use something like wget.

wget --trust-server-names -O .airgap ""

3. Once you have the host machine up and running and have installed docker and replicated, upload the .airgap package onto the host machine and remember the path to the file. One way is to use scp on your computer to upload the file to the host machine.

scp -i ~/.ssh/your_key.pem /path/to/your_airgap_file.airgap ubuntu@:/path/to/upload/to

Note: You may need to run the following commands on the host machine to restart the Management Screen UI (Ubuntu/Debian)

sudo service replicated restart
sudo service replicated-ui restart
sudo service replicated-operator restart

4. Continue following the Replicated Airgap install docs to locate the package on the host machine and upload your license in the management ui.

5. Follow the above steps for installing Waffle Takeout starting from Step 3

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