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Installation Types


  • A supported Linux server (modern versions of Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, Red Hat & Fedora)
  • A Waffle Takeout license file (downloadable from https://takeout.waffle.io)
  • A GitHub Enterprise installation secured via SSL certificate. (Waffle Takeout does not support connecting to GitHub Enterprise insecurely over HTTP at this time.)

Host Machine

The standard setup consists of one host. If you are using EC2, we recommend the m4.large instance type with at least a 32GB EBS volume. For other setups we recommend hosts with 8 gigs of RAM and 2 CPUs.

Network Configuration

To run Waffle Takeout, you will need to ensure the following ports are open inbound to the host:

  • 8800 - TCP - Used to access the Replicated administrative interface
  • 9870-9880 - TCP - Used by replicated
  • 8443 - HTTPS - Waffle Administration App
  • 443 - HTTPS - Web application served over SSL
  • 80 - HTTP - Web redirection built in, enforces SSL
  • 22 - SSH - Access your server

One should also ensure that inter docker container communication works.  Docker normally takes care of this for you, but if your organization has any firewall rulesets that may interfere, keep these in consideration. Internally to docker, our applications require the following ports to be opened:

  • 3001-3009 - TCP - used for waffle application traffic
  • 9870-9880 - TCP - for replicated services and waffle application
  • 27018 - TCP - Mongo datastore

During the installation of Replicated, one of the checks will fail if it detects that it is unable to validate inter-container communication.  This is a good indicator that some firewall rules need to be massaged.

Servers with Multiple Interfaces/IP Addresses

For organizations that utilize an infrastructure where multiple interfaces or ip addresses are assigned during the replicated install, it may fail to detect automatically which interface to use for network traffic external to the host, and internal for docker.

  • Local IP  == Private IP address of the server - for internal communication
  • Service IP == External IP address of the server - for external facing communication

Consult your network administrator as necessary. 

Register an OAuth Application

Waffle Takeout talks to GitHub Enterprise and GitHub.com via OAuth. You will need to create an OAuth application on your GitHub Enterprise installation or GitHub.com that Waffle Takeout can connect to.

Github Enterprise

To register an OAuth application, first click on your profile icon. 

From there, navigate to Settings

  1. Click OAuth Applications 
  2. Click Developer Applications
  3. Click Register New Application

Make sure the Homepage URL and Authorization Callback match the URL for your Waffle Takeout installation: https://waffle.example.com (just the base url for where it's installed, no special path required).  Then click Register application

When it's completed, you'll be provided the Client ID and Client Secret which are required in the admin settings when configuring the waffle application.

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