1. SSH into your Linux server

2. Run the following script:

$ curl -sSL https://takeout.waffle.io/get | sudo bash

3. Access your server via HTTPS on port 8800 & bypass the SSL security warning.

4. Upload a custom TLS/SSL cert/key or proceed with the provided self-signed pair.

5. Upload the provided license file (.rli)

6. Choose the "Online" installation type.

7. Secure your Waffle Takeout Management console with a password

8. Configure your Waffle Takeout instance

Be sure to include the full url to your Github Enterprise instance, example: https://github.example.com.  The Github Enterprise Client ID and Github Enterprise Client Secret are configured by following these instructions: https://help.waffle.io/waffle-takeout/takeout-installation/overview "Register an OAuth Application"

9. Migrating your old database if necessary

Skip to step 10 unless you are migrating from Waffle Takeout 1.x with the bash installation script.

Upgrading from any version below Takeout 2.3.x requires configuring the new installation with your existing database information. Please see our upgrade documentation for important instructions, as this may be complicated for some environments.

10. Click "Save"

NOTE: Make sure you have finished configuring your install before starting the instance.

After clicking "Save" at the bottom of the settings page, the instance will start.

11. Visit the hostname you provided to access Waffle Takeout

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