1. Visit your board's "Settings" screen and click on the "Repositories" tab
  2. Click the "Add GitHub Repo" button (currently, Waffle supports SaaS GitHub repos by default, with the capability to support GitHub Enterprise repos with a bit of additional setup)
  3. Scroll through the list of repositories and select the one you wish to add to your board (you can always delete repos from your board in the future)

There are some limitations and "gotchas" of the multi-repo feature:

  • The "primary repo" on a board is the initial repository to which it was linked. This repository is the one reflected in the URL of the board.
  • A "repo" is a repository from which data is fed from GitHub to your Waffle board.
  • When you add multiple repos to a board, the primary repo can no longer be accessed by itself. In order to again access the primary repo by itself, you will need to remove the secondary repositories from the board.
  • If you access a board for a repo that exists as a repo on a different board, make sure the columns match. If you don't, you’ll see cards skip columns or move to the backlog for the multi-repo board.

Permissions work as follows:

  • When a public repo is the primary repository on a multi-repo board, you will need to be a collaborator on that repo to see any private repos. Non collaborators and logged out users will not see your private repos.
  • If you are not a collaborator of a connected repo, you may be allowed to attempt a change, but the add/edit will fail.

For additional information (and helpful pictures), check out our blog post on multi-repo support.

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