There are a few different places where you can create new labels in Waffle. You'll be able to choose the name and color of the label you create:

  1. To create a new label when creating a new issue:    
     a. Click the "Add Issue" button at the top of the board
     b. Click the Select Labels drop down

     c. Click the Green plus (+) button
     d. Enter the new label's name and color
     e. Click the "Create" button

    2. To create a new label from the card detail modal:
      a. Click the issue number or chat icon
      b. Click the gear icon next to Labels

3. To create a new label from the Columns Section:
      a. Open the gray sidebar (small arrow above your avatar)
      b. Click Project Settings then Columns
      c. Click any column label to see the drop down menu

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