You can easily customize the columns on a Waffle board to follow the process used by you and your team.  To customize a Waffle board, go to Settings > Columns from any board.

Board Sections

Waffle boards are organized into three sections:

The Inbox Section

You'll notice the first column is labeled "Inbox" by default.  All new issues without column labels show up here.  This is a great place to put new ideas, customer requests, and other issues. 

The Progress Section
Once a card is moved out of the Inbox, you're making some kind of progress on it. Whether you've moved it to a prioritized Backlog column, moved it to a Ready to Pull column, or move it directly into a In Progress column, you've done some amount of work on it.  This section can have multiple columns (see adding, deleting, and customizing columns below).

The Closed Section
Once work is finished on a card, it gets moved to the Closed section. This section can have multiple columns.  While a Waffle board only has one Done column by default, some teams add other Done columns such as for QA, Ready to Deploy, etc.  

The first Done column (without a label) auto archives cards after 30 days.  You can also manually archive cards and view them in the Throughput report.

Adding, Removing, and Customizing Columns

Columns on a Waffle board are each associated with a GitHub label.  Issues and Pull Requests that have that label applied will be moved into the corresponding column on your Waffle board.  The column labels are not visible on cards but you will see them on the issue in GitHub.  The Inbox and 1st Done column are not associated with a label.  

Important notes: 

  • each column is only allowed one column label 
  • when an issue or pull request is moved from one column to another, the previous column label will be removed and the new column label will be applied 

Adding Columns
To add a new column, click Add Column.  Give the column a name, description, and label.  You can create a new label if needed.  You can also drag the column to the desired place in the workflow.  Click Save after making your changes.

Deleting Columns
To delete an existing column, click the trash can icon on the column. Click Save after making your changes.

Moving Columns
To move an existing column,  drag the column to the desired place in the workflow.  Click Save after making your changes.

Column Automation Rules
WaffleBot automatically moves cards between columns based on your GitHub activity.  You can customize the rules WaffleBot uses to automatically move cards.

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