Waffle projects generally follow the same permissions as GitHub, so you may have questions around the difference between a collaborator and contributor.

A collaborator is someone who has been granted write access to the main repository of a project.

A contributor is a person who isn't explicitly a member of your organization or personal account, but wants to contribute to your project via pull requests and creating new issues. A contributor can add issues to your Waffle board but won’t be able to move cards, whereas collaborators have full access and are able to take any actions on the board. If your GitHub repository is public, then anyone can be a contributor to your Waffle project. Private repositories in a user account are an all-or-nothing deal: either someone has full read/write access (i.e., they're a collaborator or they have no access).

You can configure your Waffle board so set which columns pull requests goes to based on if the person who opened it is a collaborator or contributor.

If you want to add a collaborator to either your personal repo or an organization, check out the links below.

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