In Waffle, each project has a board that is associated with one or more GitHub repositories.  

To create a new Waffle board:

1. Visit and log in and authenticate with GitHub or click on the blue Waffle icon in the upper left corner of Waffle.

2. Click the "+ Create Project" button next to "Your Projects".

3. Select a primary GitHub repository for your new Waffle board and click "Continue".  Issues and pull requests from this repository will be displayed on the board.

4. Optionally select one or more additional repositories to include on your new Waffle board and click "Add Selected Repos" or click "Skip This Step" to not add additional repositories.

5. Select a board layout.  If you work with a team that uses Pull Requests for code reviews, we suggest selecting Advanced.  You can always customize your board layout later.

6. Start using your Waffle board!  Check out the Getting Started Guide for Using Waffle Boards to learn more about using and customizing Waffle boards.

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