CA Agile Central provides program and portfolio level tracking for enterprises adopting scaled Agile practices. Agile Central connects strategy to execution with portfolio features to track initiatives worked on by dozens of teams.

Waffle's integration to Agile Central enables your teams to track team-level work in Waffle and GitHub, and contribute the status of that work automatically to the portfolio level in Agile Central.

If you would like to use the integration, please contact us at for details on the beta and next steps for us to enable it for you.

What problem does the integration solve?

Waffle is purpose-built to help engineering teams stay in flow by automatically updating their status. Agile Central, on the other hand, is world-class at program and portfolio management but leaves you wanting for developer-specific features like pull request build status, review status, realtime updates and automation to update status for you.

The integration enables teams to use Waffle, which works best for them, and enables program managers and stakeholders to rely on Agile Central's portfolio views and reports to have an accurate status of work across many teams. 

How does the integration work?

The integration lets you connect cards or epics in Waffle to portfolio items in Agile Central. The cards in Waffle do not appear as user stories in Agile Central, but the count and size of cards connect to the portfolio items are added to the completion of the portfolio item.

In the image above, issue #3222 is connected to feature F17864. The issue is estimated at 3 points, and the feature is updated to reflect that 3 of the 9 points are being contributed by the card in Waffle.

Now, teams can work in Waffle without being required to login to Agile Central to update their status. Stakeholders see progress updated automatically on portfolio items to know if teams are on track or not. 

To connect a card in Waffle to a feature in Agile Central, in the description of the card you'll reference the feature (which can be a GitHub issue, pull request, or an epic issue). 

The same way you connect a child card to a parent card to create an epic, in the description write child of <feature-url> , like child of .

The url can be long, and can be tedious to copy this across all the child cards that you want to roll up to the portfolio item. We recommend creating an epic in Waffle to represent a feature in Agile Central, and connect the epic to the feature. All of the child cards for the epic will automatically roll up to the feature in Agile Central. Learn how to create epics here: 

The card above, representing issue #259, is an epic with 1 out of 3 points completed. Those points are contributing to feature F17864 in Agile Central.

Getting Started

The Agile Central integration requires manual enablement during our beta period. Contact us at to get started.

Once enabled, from your Waffle account screen (<org>/account) there will be a new Integrations tab.

From this screen, you can connect Waffle to Agile Central. You'll be prompted to authenticate with Agile Central and grant Waffle permission to use the API on your behalf. Make sure the user connecting the integration is an admin for your GitHub organization and also has access to the necessary portfolio items in Agile Central. Only one user needs to go through this process, Waffle does not map users one-to-one from Agile Central.


The CA Agile Central integration requires an active subscription with both and Agile Central.

GitHub Enterprise support

If your company uses GitHub Enterprise, our on-premises version also supports the integration from Waffle to Agile Central. There are a few additional setup steps, please see this documentation for instructions:

To see if your team qualifies for the beta please contact 

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