These instructions are for our on-premises version, Waffle Takeout. If you do not run Waffle on-premises you can skip ahead to enabling the integration for your account:

[Please contact your Agile Central account rep or reach out to us ( to have the integration enabled for your subscription.]

Network Access

The integration works with the SaaS version of Agile Central, available at Waffle needs to be able to reach this server from within your network where Waffle is installed. Make sure you can reach this url, and if not configure your corporate firewall to allow   (Denver Datacenter) and (Seattle Datacenter). More details here on Agile Central network access:

Integration Setup

The Agile Central integration requires an OAuth application to be configured. On your installation's setup page ( you'll find the section for the Oauth Client ID and Client Secret:

To create the OAuth application in Agile Central, go to, login and navigate to the OAuth Clients tab:

Create a new client and set the callback URL to your installation (e.g.,

The following screen will show you the Client ID and Client Secret. Add those to your installation settings page, click save, and you've completed the setup!

Next, from within the Waffle application you can authenticate to Agile Central and begin using the integration. Continue the steps here:

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