WaffleBot moves cards automatically between columns on your Waffle board indicating status changes, keeps related issues and pull requests visually linked on your Waffle board, and automatically assigns issues and pull requests to you when you start work by opening a new branch and relating it to an open issue. 

WaffleBot helps developers focus on their work, not on updating a tool. WaffleBot minimizes interruptions for developers and makes sure project status is always up to date without requiring manually updates like other project management tools. Planners and managers love WaffleBot because the status of work on a Waffle board is always up to date and teams often finish work faster by having a single view of what needs to happen next.

Work From Where You Want
WaffleBot allows developers to work in the tools they already use and love.  WaffleBot works with keywords and commands included in GitHub issues and pull requests. Keywords are used to group related issues and pull requests together on a Waffle board so they move through columns together.  Developers can work in GitHub, a terminal using Git + Hub, or a favorite IDE that supports Git and GitHub.

Installing and Configuring WaffleBot
WaffleBot is a GitHub application, and must be installed for each personal or organization account.   If a Waffle board includes multiple repositories, WaffleBot needs to be installed for each, or for the entire GitHub organization (the easiest way).

Using WaffleBot
Use keywords and commands in the titles or description fields of GitHub issues and pull requests for WaffleBot to automatically update your Waffle board.  To learn how to use WaffleBot, check out the recommended workflow for automated work tracking and the following help articles:

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