Providing a migration path out of Waffle for your projects is very important to us. We worked closely with GitHub to make this process as painless as possible. The migration will take your Waffle board and create a GitHub Project with the same columns and cards as you have in Waffle. GitHub projects offers a lot of the features you've enjoyed using in Waffle.

The migration process will move your Waffle projects to a GitHub project in your Waffle project's main repository on GitHub. All issues and pull requests from all connected repositories will be added to your GitHub project in the same priority order as Waffle. Any new changes to your Project will not be migrated. You will not be able to migrate the same project again.

Prepare for Migration


  • Change sizes on issues to labels (sizes will not migrate)
  • Download any images or attachments (images will not migrate)
  • Know your permissions. Only Organization Admins in GitHub can migrate projects within that Org. You are the only person that can migrate a project in your personal account. 

Organization Accounts

  • Make sure Projects are turned on in Github in your Organization Settings (/settings/projects)
  • Log in with Private Permissions to migrate Organization Projects. If you are on the migration page, you can upgrade your permissions by selecting the Overview tab. Then select Add private permissions.

Steps to Migrate

From Waffle select Migrate Now from the banner or navigate to your avatar in the bottom left corner, My Account, Settings in Waffle to begin the migration to GitHub Projects.

  1. Select Configure Migration.

2. Select an account. Accounts that you have permission to migrate will display.

3. Select Migrate all Projects or Migrate only selected Projects.

4. Confirm that you are ready to migrate.

5. The time it takes to migrate will vary depending on project size. Check your migration's status on your project's page or Waffle board.

Note: Even though we say migration is complete from the Waffle end, your board could look unfinished until GitHub finishes populating the data.

6. Remove any Waffle badges or graphs from your README.

Post Migration

The project will be created with the same name in the Project tab in the repo owner’s GitHub Account.

Waffle will link directly to the new project in GitHub.

Select the Projects tab from your account page in GitHub to see your migrated projects.

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