• What will happen to my README badge and graph? The Waffle badges and graphs will stop working when Waffle closes on May 16, 2019. We recommend you remove them before this time.
  • What do I do about size/estimates? Add your sizes as a label on each issue. 
  • How do I get my images/attachments? You have to manually download all images and attachments from Waffle. They will not migrate using our migration path to GitHub Projects.
  • How will I know my billing has been cancelled? You will receive an email confirmation on or before March 22, 2019 confirming your subscription has been cancelled and credit card information has been deleted.
  • How do I delete my account? You can delete your Waffle Account from the "Settings" tab on your account page. To get to your account page, select your avatar in the bottom left corner and select "My Account."
  • When will I stop paying for Waffle? Waffle was made free for all existing Waffle subscriptions, both personal as well as organizations, on March 20, 2019. That means that the last invoice you paid for Waffle will be your last one. You will not receive any further charges. We will not be issuing refunds retroactively for anyone who was invoiced between our Waffle shutdown announcement on March 15 and when invoicing was fully removed on March 20.
  • Are you going to open source Waffle? There are no plans to open source Waffle. The Waffle team will be joining forces with Rally to bring the best of Waffle into the Rally product. Our legacy will live on there!
  • Any other migration options? Our friends at ZenHub are offering a free trial and on-boarding help to any Waffle users who are looking for a new project management home. Please reach out to them if you are interested!

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