Waffle Takeout is now available for GitHub Enterprise and GitHub.com customers who require hosting Waffle behind their firewall. Sign up for a free 45 day trial at takeout.waffle.io!

GitHub Enterprise Support for Waffle.io (SaaS)

Prior to releasing Waffle Takeout, we built a way for Waffle.io SaaS users to add GitHub Enterprise repositories as connected repos to their existing projects.

This method of connecting GitHub Enterprise repositories to your Waffle project requires you to allow Waffle access through your firewall to talk to your GitHub Enterprise installation. For customers who can not do this, we recommend a free 45 day trial of Waffle Takeout.

Add GitHub Enterprise Repositories as connected repositories on Waffle.io

First, we need to register an application in your GitHub Enterprise (GH:E from here on out) installation. Registering an application allows it to initiate an OAuth cycle. Follow these steps to register Waffle.io.

1.  Have an administrator on your GH:E install go to the global settings page through the settings icon in the top right of the screen. 

2. Once you are on the settings page, click on the “Register new application” button under the “Applications” sub-navigation tab. 

3. Fill in the registration form with the following information (optionally add the waffle logo as the application image): 

4. Once you register the application, you will see a page like the picture below. Keep this page open in a separate tab, you will need the Client ID and Client Secret shortly. 

Now that we have a registered application in GH:E, we just need to tell Waffle which repos we want to see on our board. So go to your board in waffle.io and follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Settings page for your project using the sidebar. (To expand the sidebar, click the small gray arrow above your avatar)

2. Click on the green "Add GitHub Repo" button to select a repo to add. Select the "GitHub Enterprise" tab. You will see a form asking for some information about your GH:E instance. Enter in the web address for your GH:E installation and the Client ID and Client Secret from the application you registered in GH:E (again, this is so we can launch the OAuth flow for you). Once you have entered in the information, the “Authenticate” button should enable. Click “Authenticate” and proceed through the OAuth cycle. 

3. After a successful OAuth cycle, you will be redirected back to Waffle and see a list of all your GH:E repositories! Just click on the repo you want to connect. 

4. You should now be redirected back to your settings page and you can see that your enterprise repo has been added! All issues from your GH:E repo will now show on your waffle board. 

This is pretty cool because now you can see issues across not only your GitHub.com repos, but across all your GitHub.com repos and your GH:E repos on the same board!


As with all features, this one has a few limitations and restrictions. Here are the ones we think are most significant:

  1. You must have a GitHub.com repo as the first repo on the Waffle board. In other words, you can only add GitHub Enterprise repos to existing boards.
  2. This requires you to allow Waffle access through your firewall to talk to your GitHub Enterprise installation.  Waffle utilizes the Google Cloud Platform, so you'll need to go here to determine which IP address ranges should be opened up to your instance: https://cloud.google.com/compute/docs/faq#where_can_i_find_product_name_short_ip_ranges  We only utilize port 443 and we'll only talk to your GH:E instance.
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