Replicated Version Upgrade

If the replicated service is a bit old (< 1.x), you'll receive the following example error message:

# curl -sSL | sudo bash
Existing 1.2 install detected; please back up and run migration script before installing
Instructions at
curl: (23) Failed writing body (6 != 1363)

Indeed replicated must be updated.  Schedule a maintenance window (the following steps will bring down your waffle instance until they are completed) and
backup your server.  

If your Waffle Takeout version is < 2.3, please follow the specific upgrade instructions instead of these:

Steps to upgrade Replicated:

  1. Get replicated to the latest of version 1.x: curl -sSL | sudo sh  
  2. Restart your shell and log into the replicated app via the command line: replicated login (the password is the same as your administrative password on the web UI)
  3. Perform the replicated upgrade: curl -sSL | sudo bash (We've noticed the operator will sometimes fail to start.  We've gotten past this by simply restarting it systemctl restart replicated-operator)
  4.  Restart your shell and validate you are running latest: replicated --version 
  5. At this moment waffle will be down until the rest of the upgrade is completed.  Check for new app releases by going to the management interface dashboard and clicking on the 'Check Now' button.  Follow through to install the next release.

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