Below are the current pricing options for Waffle users:

Open Source Plan:
This is free for all open source users. In this plan, you'll get all of Waffle's premium features at no charge when using a public repository.

Personal plan:
This plan is $5/month for individual user accounts using private repositories. If you're only using public repos, you'll want to select the Open Source Plan. 

Organization Plan:
This plan is $49/month for organizations using private repositories. This includes an unlimited number of users and repositories. If your team only uses public repositories, the Open Source Plan is right for you. 

Waffle Takeout:
Takeout is our on-premises solution for GitHub Enterprise. Contact us at for any questions! 

*All plans will have applicable tax added. 

Have questions on how to start a trial? Check out our FAQ article here. 

Check out the difference between GitHub's personal user and organization accounts here

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