In Waffle, you can see who's reviewing your pull request in addition to who's assigned to it. Below is the full guide to what each color means and how to distinguish reviewers from assignees.

Color Key: 

Red = the reviewer has requested changes before the PR is able to be merged
Green = the reviewer has approved the changes, PR is ready to be merged
Yellow = shows that this user has been requested to review the pull request
Gray = this user has commented on the PR
Orange dot = a change has been made since the reviewer has last viewed the PR (changes include commits or comments)
Circle avatar = reviewer of the PR, frame will always be colored
Square avatar = assignee or author, will not have a colored frame

Some additional notes:

  1. The pull request submitter will not show up in the reviewers list even if they leave a comment.
  2. It is possible to comment on a pull request without leaving a review. This feature is only dealing with reviews. See GitHub's documentation on reviews for more information.

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