After renaming or transferring a repository in GitHub that is tied to a Waffle project, simply visit your original Waffle project URL (prior to the rename). We'll automatically redirect your project to its new URL and will carry over your project configuration, including columns, rank, and sizes. All references to the old project URL from within Waffle will update for all team members once the initial redirect takes place (including on team members' dashboards and project dropdowns.) If any team members visit the original URL, they will be redirected to the new project URL going forward.

DO NOT create a new project for your renamed repository prior to visiting the original project URL and initiating the project redirect. Creating an additional new project will result in overriding your original project configuration and it will not be recoverable, including card rank, column configuration, and sizes. You will have to recreate your original project configuration in this case, but your original project URL will continue to redirect as expected.

If you rename a secondary connected repo for a multi-repo board, we will automatically handle that redirect for you. Note: if you have pull requests that are connected to issues for that repo, you will see them become disconnected due to the name change, but they will appear in the proper column based on their labels.

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