If you use GitHub’s Closing Keywords (fixes/closes/resolves) prior to a GitHub Issue number in your Pull Request title or description, we will move the referenced issue to your "New Collaborator PRs" column (by default, set to In Progress, and configurable in your Settings->Columns). Instead of the PR Issue appearing as a separate card on your board, the PR Issue will be nested beneath, or "connected to" the referenced GitHub Issue.

We will also assign the referenced issue to the pull request creator automatically. Note: If the pull request creator has never logged in to Waffle and we do not have a log in credential for them, your GitHub history will show that the actions above were taken by the team member who first created the project. If this behavior is confusing or not ideal for your team, you can have all team members log in to Waffle at least once, or contact us to assign a bot user for those actions.

Example: If your Pull Request description for PR#19 was "This work closes #34", this would result in PR#19 being visually connected underneath issue #34. The connected Issue + PR would move, as a single unit, to your "New Collaborator PRs" column and your user would be assigned to the creator of the pull request.

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