You'll no longer need to track your work because the WaffleBot will take care of that for you!

Current WaffleBot automatic tracking features include:

  • Move issues into In Progress by referencing the issue in the branch name
  • Automatic movement of closed issues to the Done column

We've created a new issue on one of our test boards. For the purposes of this walkthrough, card #12 is what we'll work with.

Next, we created a branch that references issue #12 in the branch name.

By referencing the issue in the branch name, the issue is automatically moved into the 'In Progress' column on the Waffle board and the branch creator is assigned to the issue.

Next, we made a change in the README and created a Pull Request (PR) that references issue #12 using GitHub's Closing Keywords.

After the PR was created, the WaffleBot automatically moves issue #12 into the 'Needs Review' column, with the associated PR #13 nested below.

Next, we merged the PR in GitHub.

After the PR was merged, the WaffleBot automatically moved the issue to the 'Done' column.

When you view the issue in GitHub, you'll see all of the automatic actions the WaffleBot to track your work. In the example below, you'll see that WaffleBot assigned the user, moved issue #12 from 'Ready' to 'In Progress'. You'll also see that when the issue was moved from one column to the next, the previous column label is removed by the WaffleBot and it also adds the new column label.

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